In The Tunnel - Dead End

In The Tunnel

Over the last 2 years of my relationship I had backed down from almost any relation and my entire network as I had lost total interest in people. To avoid jealousy I had terminated contacts with many good female friends years ago. I was almost completely on my own.

Due to several trade-offs during my relationship I had let down my best friends. I had only involved my parents into the difficulties of my relationship and was lucky to have my mother to talk, who helped me processing the past.

I had become an angry and insupportable person.

I wrote down everything that had been stuck in the final stage of the relationship. After the breakup I was lucky to get the divorce through fastest possible. By the end of 2017 I communicated the ending of our work relation online in a correct form without accusing anybody.

Almost completely alone I did not feel like meeting anybody. I was not communicating over social media with my network anymore at all.

Even if I had a good communication with my parents and my family who helped me through this entire time, there had been many topics left unspoken over the last years and I had to face difficult discussions.

Fortunately I had joined an online community in a completely different sector and besides the communication with my mother this became my only anchor.

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