Lonely after failure

How To Handle Loneliness?

A Personal Insight and Ideas to Handle Loneliness in Your Life

Dealing with loneliness concerns more than just being alone and it certainly gets different in a time when we communicate online more and more while relations are taking place on a global basis in the social media environment. We constantly meet strangers in the online world, we have never before met in person but many people around the globe are living alone and have to handle this loneliness.

If you feel lonely you are certainly not alone but how to handle loneliness can be a real challenge.

The trend of freelancing and working from home is not making this situation about feeling lonely any better for most of us and .

What are you doing during all the time when nobody is around?

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Success and Failure

Success And Failure

Success is a difficult topic in our world and it causes lots of stress and anxiety in our capitalistic driven society.

Most of the time success is measured by the money someone had been able to generate. Others define it by the level of happiness achieved. Others define it by longterm wealth. Others define it by the awards they receive.

How do you define success?

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Finding Balance

Some Ideas To Getting Out Of Depression

I recommend to pick the solution you are most uncomfortable with. If you still have a network of trusted friends, you might discuss it critically with one or more individuals in your network.

If others help you in such a situation it could create some dependence. Make sure to honor the time and effort of your friend but don’t avoid key topics that may also concern your relationship with this person.

If you find yourself in a longer depression or if you are just on your own you should really get professional help!

I am not trained in Psychology or anything similar! You are fully responsible for your actions and these are just ideas that might help in difficult times!

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When doctors can't help you

When Doctors Can’t Help You – It Is Time To Change!

Our body is a unique, strange and uncontrollable organism and I got a strong demonstration from mine. It is programmed to react on all kinds of damages from the inside and the outside.

Stress and pressure cause the strangest reactions!

Take the signs seriously if your body or brain starts behaving crazy! Don’t take it lightly!

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In The Trenches

In The Trenches

I did not find the power to step out and get in front of the camera as the person I was. I was not willing to present myself under these conditions as this person was not me.

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Steps Forward

Steps Forward

I am a progressive thinker and normally also an optimist so after 6 month of work I got into an argument with the project owner and left on my own request as fast as possible.

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Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

I took over the entire depth, the final stage of the marriage and divorce had caused. Due to my health issues I did not find the strength to apply for jobs in an environment where you have to be strong and self confident to find work.

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In The Tunnel - Dead End

In The Tunnel

Over the last 2 years of my relationship I had backed down from almost any relation and my entire network as I had lost total interest in people. To avoid jealousy I had terminated contacts with many good female friends years ago. I was almost completely on my own.

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Total Failure - Dead End

Total Failure – Burn Out


Sometimes there are moments in life when it just goes down and it does not look like it would ever get better.

Is it just a moment?

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The New World - Online Businesses

The New World – Online Businesses

Building A Business In The Online Space – Online Businesses

The World has changed completely and opened up possibilities that did not exist when I started my entrepreneurial journey.

In this series of articles, I am introducing new ways on the internet to work when your job will get blown away through the disruption announced.

My ideas and statements are driven by real-life experiences, applicable to different situations and industries. They are not just theoretical constructs but lead to empirical theories that can be substantiated by statistics and common methods.

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